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Quest National Security specializes in commercial security services including armed, unarmed, patrol vehicles and concealed weapon officers.  All our security services include direct access to our private investigative division and local law enforcement agencies, providing our clients with a great peace of mind knowing that their safety comes first.

Trusted By Fortune 500 Clients & Local Businesses

The level of security provided by Quest National Security varies with our personnel qualifications and is always tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Security Functions :

Geographical Area

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The quality of men and women on the ground is important! With Quest National Security you’ll always rely on the most qualified personnel which involve extensive background checks, cross references, multiple interviews and trainin

Includes familiarity with the security protocols, onsite training and continuous supervision. This continues with regular training such as Post-Orders Site Orientation training, Foot Patrol, Laws of Arrest / Detention, Report Writing, First Aid & CPR and OSHA/ Hazard-Free Workplace.

Most of our locations employ post commanders, assistant post commanders and roaming supervision while a regional manager oversee

Each client receives dedicated management-level personnel to overseeing their security and all matters can be directly communicated and resolved with them.  You’ll never have to call our 800 number just to reach someone and all questions can be handled right away and without interruptions of normal protocols. 

The real value of this program is it’s a great barometer to identify operational issues and resolve them before they become “real issues.”

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A professional, risk-free, security assessment by our expert team is just a click away

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