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Making sure your construction site is safe around the clock is important for the success of any project, especially big ones. After all, you probably leave out equipment that could be stolen or broken, as well as expensive materials that can’t be kept in a warehouse every day. There is also the chance that people who don’t know what they’re doing will damage your property. Bad weather or other natural events can also cause damage. No matter how you look at it, building sites are dangerous.

That’s why it’s so important to hire good security guards for a construction site. Our on-site security services keep an eye on your site around the clock to make sure no big losses happen.

How Quest Guards Construction Site Security Services Can Help You

Property and Materials Protection

Are you building an office building worth several million dollars or a single house? No matter what project you’re working on, our security services can keep your property and materials from being damaged, stolen, or lost in other ways.

Tools and Equipment Protection

On a construction site, there are a huge number of different tools and pieces of equipment. Some things can be locked away every day, but some can’t. With Quest Guards’ security services, you don’t have to worry about your expensive equipment getting broken in any way.

Emergency Response Services

Emergencies can happen at a building site at any time of day or night. We keep an eye on your site around the clock to make sure nothing goes wrong. If there is a problem, we will respond and take care of it. Your construction site may need emergency help, and our team can take care of that.

Trespass Prevention

Unfortunately, there are ignorant people in the world who will trespass on dangerous construction sites to steal or just look around. Our security team will prevent trespassing by ensuring guards and protective methods are in place.

Limit or Prevent Damage from Accidents

Accidents happen all the time on building sites. Our team will help find problems and stop them from causing big problems. This can help your company save money and stay out of trouble, and it can also keep your construction workers safe.

Our Goal is Superior Construction Site Security

Some people might think that construction sites don’t need the same level of security as other commercial businesses. But this is not true at all. Without the right security, your business and company as a whole could lose a lot of money. Vandalism can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and loss with just one act. If you have good security services in place, you can avoid this.

Construction site security also makes it easier for projects to stay on track and finish on time. When you and your staff don’t have to worry about damage, theft, trespassing, and other common problems, you can focus on getting the job done.

Quest Guards provide security services that are licensed and insured and are made to fit the needs of your construction site. You can count on the company for everything related to security, and you can be sure that they will always handle security issues in a professional and polite way. Don’t put your livelihood at risk. Instead, hire Quest Guards to protect your equipment, property, staff, and other things at your construction site.

Closing Thoughts

Hi, my name is Victoria Raikel and I am the President and CEO of Quest National Security.

We provide our commercial clients with exceptional security officers, whether armed, unarmed or undercover.

We work with businesses from all scopes of life.  From smaller stores that wish to protect their personnel & assets to fortune-500 companies, large distribution warehouses, office buildings, supermarkets and large events.  We even provided security services to protect the Super Bowl in San Diego back in 2003.  

I founded Quest in 2001 and for the past 21 years we have been very busy ensuring the safety of the people and assets we have been protecting, particularly in Southern California and also in many other states including Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan and Washington to name a few.  Quest is fully accredited and licensed in multiple states and it is also an MWBE certified.

We are 100% committed to constantly assess the needs of our clients and develop the most cost-effective plan to secure their interests with integrity, experience and professionalism.

Often I am asked what is the difference between one security company to another as many people tend to believe that all contract security companies are alike – and in many cases there is a lot of truth to this thinking – meaning many believe that all security providers are exactly the same except they wear different patches and uniforms. So why change from one security company to another?

But the reality is that security companies lose their contracts due to malperformance all the time and often much before their contract is due.  In fact, while the average term for a typical security contract is 1-2 years – Quest National Security has been known in the industry to keep the same clients with us for over 10 years and each one of them will vouch for us any time!

How do we do it?  We provide ideal security for our clients  because we pay attention to details and we deploy a proven method to recruit, train, launch a successful onboarding and supervise at the highest levels. 

If you need a guard – you probably have one already.  But do you really feel that your current security is the best you can have?   Is it reliable?  Do you suffer from frequent down times? Does your guard represent your business to the world as you feel it should?

A top-notch security is all about professionalism and reliability to deter crime in the most effective way.  It’s how our guards are performing each and every day that sets us apart from the rest!  Beginning with a critical selection of your manpower and followed with a step by step on-boarding phase supervised management model that leaves little to no room for error.   

Further, all our clients enjoy direct access to law-enforcement agencies and immediate access to hundreds of off-duty police officers.

Reach out to me and we’ll schedule a risk-free security-assessment for your businesses by a team of experts and provide you with cost-effective security solutions, tailored specifically to your business needs.

Be safe out there! 

Victoria Raikel

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