7 Reasons You Need Security at Your Event

Event planners have a lot to do, and they often don’t have enough time to do it all. You have to find a good place to hold the event, get the right permits, sell tickets, spread the word, talk to the performers, and so on. In the middle of all of this, it’s easy to see why security might be the last thing on your mind.

Do you need security at your event?

Is it worth the cost, especially considering that you’ve already spent a fortune on other logistics?

The simple answer is yes! — you need security at your event. 

Here are seven reasons why:

1. They have professional training and experience

Guards at events are well-trained to handle the different security needs of different kinds of events. They know what to look for and how to handle different situations, unlike your staff or volunteers.

Event security companies that work on a contract train their staff on a wide range of topics, such as how to handle an emergency, how to spot and stop a threat, how to handle a crowd, and how to deal with drugs. So, the guards know how to spot dangers and how to solve problems in the right way. They will always keep an eye on your area, giving you the peace of mind you need to put on a good event.

Not only that, but these guards have a lot of experience working with people who plan events like yours. So, they know how security works at your event, where possible holes are, and how to fix them.

2. They can help manage crowd control 

Without proper crowd control, big events can quickly turn into a mess.

Guards stand at the entrances and exits of an event to keep things in order and make sure people can get in and out without any problems. They help keep lines straight so that no one feels left out. You can also say that they can scan tickets and check guest lists to see if anyone is trying to sneak in. Uniformed event guards are more likely to get people’s attention than regular staff.

In an emergency, security staff can also help with crown control. They make sure that people leave the venue quickly enough and don’t cause too much chaos. They are trained to keep the number of deaths to a minimum in situations like fire accidents, suspected terrorism, buildings falling down, and overcrowded crowds.

3. They make events look more professional and important 

The business of events is show business. People will buy tickets to your event based on what they see and how they think it will be. You’d rather spend a lot of money on one famous musician to be the highlight of the event than a few dollars on local musicians.

How well you are organized is also a part of how well you can see. And having well-organized event guards is the best way to show that you are a professional.

The security guards at the entrance are the first people your guests will see at your event, so they have a big impact on how professional they think you are. If the guards are organized, it looks like the event is well-planned and safe. In the same way, security officers at the exit are the last people your event attendees will talk to.

4. They make people feel safe

People go to events to eat and drink good food, meet new people, have fun, and dance away their worries. No one would want to go to an event where they had to check the parking lot every so often to make sure their car was still there.

This is where event security officers come in; they make people feel like they are safe. The fact that there are guards at the venue shows that the organizers care about the safety of their clients. It lets people know that they are safe and that professionals are always watching over their property.

Just having guards at your event will stop thieves from stealing from your guests or breaking into their cars. And, as we pointed out, security experts with a lot of experience know how to spot bad people who could be safety risks. They also know people in law enforcement who can help them deal with threats before they become big problems.

Depending on the size of your event and the types of people who will be there, you could also ask the local police to send a few officers to help your security team.

5. They act as a point of authority

Who do your guests go to for help or when they don’t feel safe?

Well, you probably have a few workers stationed in key places to help with that. But the bigger your event gets, the less people you have on hand to help you.

Let’s say you expect 5,000 people to come to your event, but you only have 15 people to help them. Your staff will likely be overworked and attendees will be confused, which is a perfect recipe for chaos.

Security officers can help guide your guests along with the few people you have on site.

Also, uniformed guards are easier to trust and stand out more. Guests can easily find them if they need help and can trust what they say.

6. They free you to focus on other aspects of an event

A successful event takes a lot of work and a lot of running back and forth to plan and run. If you try to handle security on your own, you’ll probably get too busy and forget to do some important jobs.

You can’t be in the parking lot watching cars, making sure the performers are in the right order, and making sure the show doesn’t drag.

But when a good team is in charge of the event’s security, you can take that off your list of things to worry about.

7. They might be required by the venue

As a requirement for securing a venue, you may need to say that you have hired professional event security guards. If you’re having an event on private property, like a winery, you might need to hire security staff to show the owner that you care about keeping their property safe.

Depending on the size of the crowd you expect, local police departments may require you to hire guards. If there are a lot of famous people at the event, such as politicians and artists, you may need to add police officers to the guards.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a sense of safety and security for your employees, customers, or property, commercial security services may be the right fit for you. Quest National Security provides businesses with reliable and certified security guards who can respond promptly when needed.. Additionally, our officers utilize the most recent security technology to keep an eye on proceedings and protect those inside while providing our client with in depth access to GPS tracking, incident reports (IRs), Daily Activity Reports (DARs) and more 

Reach out to us today if you would like more information about how we can help keep your business safe.  After all, we have been doing just that, keeping people and assets safe, since 2001.

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